You are unique. At Fairborn Digital Academy, we recognize that each student learns differently, and therefore believe there is no one right way to learn. Perhaps you’ve been discouraged in a traditional high school setting and have been tempted to drop out. Or maybe you need just a few more subjects to graduate. We respect and welcome your decision to come back to school with us, in an online learning environment that supports and encourages its students.

Our dedicated teachers are prepared to help draw out your strengths and talents, assist you with challenging academic subjects, and meet your goal of graduating. Fairborn Digital Academy is designed for students who want personal instruction, yet who can take responsibility for self-guided lessons on the latest computer equipment we provide them. Successful students are mature enough to take the online learning curriculum seriously, and at the same time they find that learning can be fun.

Whether your goal is to get a high school diploma, earn dual credits toward college, or just attend high school in a focused, positive environment, we at Fairborn Digital Academy are here to help you meet your goals. We recognize and honor that you are unique; so are we.

Call 937-879-0511 today for an appointment with our principal, Erik Tritsch, to determine whether Fairborn Digital Academy is right for you, or fill out the Request Information form on the contact page.