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The Digital Experience


The traditional High School experience isn’t for everyone. We offer more than just another way to attend classes. Whether you want to earn college credit or just need a schedule that differs from traditional high school, Fairborn Digital Academy is here to help you achieve your goals.


FAST is designed for high school dropouts or students considering dropping out who are 16-21. It is a pathway for those looking for a full high school diploma.

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College Credit Plus

For highly motivated students in Fairborn and the surrounding area. This is an opportunity to earn high school and college credit for specific courses for free.

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The FIRST program is designed for students looking for a high school experience with a high degree of personal instruction assistance in a small school environment.

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FIRST Friday Program

The FIRST Friday program is for special education or general education students looking for individualized instruction in a small school setting.

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A Day in
the Life

Our students don’t have a typical day at Fairborn Digital Academy. Our unique programs offer them a variety of choices. We encourage them to learn on their own and to work together in groups. While some students take an accelerated path by getting a head start on college, others are working towards graduation. Whichever path our students choose, they have our support and our staff to get them prepared for the whatever challenges they face.


We have said a lot about how our students learn at Fairborn Digital Academy. Our previous and current students have a lot to say on our behalf.


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