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The Digital Experience

The Student Experience

The traditional High School experience isn’t for everyone. As a dynamic tuition-free public school, we offer more than just another way to attend classes and aim to provide value beyond the required credits. Whether you want to earn college credit or get your GED, Fairborn Digital Academy is here to help you achieve your goals.

Fairborn Digital Academy fosters your student’s hunger for learning and helps them build a foundation for future success. Learn more about the Fairborn’s personalized offerings, and find the program that is right for you.

One-On-One Counseling

Teachers are available to Fairborn students during regular business hours, both online and in-person. 

Our goal is to help you reach your goals. Accountability Coaches help craft a plan of success for each student by answering questions, assisting with goal setting, and helping with course selections.

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Educational Opportunities

We offer a variety of educational events covering subjects from art to gardening. Join the Fairborn community to discover new interests alongside our fellow students and teachers.

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A Curriculum for Success

Unlike traditional course schedules, Fairborn’s program is designed for flexibility based on time commitments, student’s short- and long-term goals, and a myriad of different factors. Each student is provided tailored guidance to develop that just-right fit.

FAST Program

The FAST program is an online learning tool designed for high school dropouts or students considering dropping out. It is an alternative to the GED.

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Dual Credit Program

For highly motivated students in Fairborn and the surrounding area. This is an opportunity to earn high school and college credit for specific courses.

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First Program

The FIRST program is an alternative high school experience in a small environment but with a high degree of personal instructional assistance.

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FIRST Special Education Program

The FIRST Special Education Program is an alternative high school experience in a small environment but with a high degree of personal instructional assistance.

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Credit Recovery

Students can receive the help they need through course remediation and recovering required credits quickly. Fairborn develops an individualized program to ensure your student graduates on time.

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A Day in
the Life

Our students don’t have a typical day at Fairborn Digital Academy. Our unique programs offer them a variety of choices. We encourage them to learn on their own and to work together in groups. While some students take an accelerated path by getting a head start on college, others are working towards their GED. Whichever path our students choose, they have our support and our staff to get them prepared for whatever challenges they face.

Each student will have an entirely unique experience, but all will have fulfilling results. Find more information on the daily happenings of Fairborn Digital Academy by visiting our News page.

The Parent Experience

Parents can support their students by working closely with our experienced, dedicated team of guidance counselors, accountability coaches, and teachers to monitor progress and provide guided support.

Parents are a facilitator of their child’s education, partnering with school staff to ensure that students are on track and prepared for their future steps. Fairborn encourages parents and guardians to be involved in their student’s development, and we invite you to tour our facility, meet our teaching team, and ask questions.

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We have said a lot about how our students learn at Fairborn Digital Academy. Our previous and current students have a lot to say on our behalf.


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Weekly Tracker & Goals Worksheet

Weekly Tracker & Goals Worksheet

Stay on track with FDA’s weekly worksheet!

COVID-19 Statement

COVID-19 Statement

Find Fairborn Digital Academy’s statement on COVID-19

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