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Fairborn Digital Academy recognizes the difference in educational techniques. Some traditional high schools can be challenging and not offer the best options for students to grow the way they want. Whether you want to learn at an accelerated pace and gain credits for college or just need a schedule that differs from traditional high school, you can succeed in our online learning environment. Our teachers and accountability coaches want to see you achieve your goals and can help you get there.

We want to see you discover your passions and your strengths. Fairborn Digital Academy is for those who thrive on personal instruction but are able to empower themselves to learn from self-guided lessons on the latest equipment we provide them. We believe that effective education comes from students willing to challenge themselves to learn at their own pace. We recognize not everyone learns the same way. Here is a brand new way to meet your goals.

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Important Dates

Mark your calendars for these important dates.
Tue 18

Summer Food Service Program

June 3 thru July 26, 2019 (excludes July 4)

Baker Middle School 200 Lincoln Dr. (under the big tree) 11:00-11:15am
Sam Landmark Apartment 264 Landmark Ct. (near community room in back) 11:30-12:00pm
Wright Park 482 Funderburg Rd. (under the shelter) 12:15-12:30pm
Garland Apartments 332 W. Garland Ave. (parking area) 12:45-1:00pm
Central Park 222 S. Central Ave. (near parking lot; facing splash pad) 1:15-1:30pm
Fairborn Library 1 E. Main St. (downstairs) TUES/THURS ONLY 12:00-12:30pm

Every child age 18 and under come join us for lunch.
For updates and information, contact

Things to Remember for Site Staff

  • Temp appropriate items throughout service & record
  • Remind families time of meals (display schedule), rules (age & eat on site:—take whole fruit off site), where you will serve in bad weather
  • Any “official” visitors-ask to see ID & record on meal count
  • Meal Counts-tick off as you serve-Point of service; different color for each site?
  • Seconds, only at last site
  • Serve only during approved meal times-if we need to revise, we will
  • Meal Pattern-2oz protein, 1 grain, 1 C milk, 2 fruits OR 2 veggies OR 1 fruit & 1 veggie
  • Carry reserve PBJ’s, juice boxes, craisins-just in case OR Chips & Cheese
  • Put all cold items in bag, if possible
  • Encourage use of hand sanitizer
  • Share bowl-(use ice pillows) may need to explain its use
  • Have poster visible
  • Have menu visible (today’s & next day’s, at least)
  • Trash at Landmark, Garland & Central
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Summer Food Service Program

Summer Food Service Program

June 3 thru July 26, 2019 (excludes

Seniors Graduate from Fairborn Digital Academy

Seniors Graduate from Fairborn Digital Academy

January 25, 2019 For more information contact:

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