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This is your brain on food!

As Mama always said, your brain works better when you eat your breakfast! With that in mind, here are a few ideas to keep your stomach happy, your sugar regulated, and your brain in high gear. Whether it’s an apple with a slice of cheese, a peanut butter and honey foldover, a hard-boiled egg and an orange or a banana and a cup of yogurt, you are giving your body what it craves. That is important when getting your brain ready to tackle that algebra lesson. So grab something healthy before school. You’ll feel better all day long.

Lunch is another subject. What can you bring that fits within your budget, is healthy, and will see you through until suppertime? The trick is to plan it out the night before. Are there leftovers? Take a piece of chicken or fish or a slice of meatloaf. Put it on a bun, add pickles and a slice of cheese, wrap in a baggie and store in the fridge, and you’ve got lunch. By the way, a burger travels best if you wrap the meat separately, so everything doesn’t get soggy and squished. Don’t forget to refrigerate your lunches or use a cold pack in an insulated lunch bag to keep it all fresh and safe to eat.

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