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27 HS Seniors Graduate from FDA

Twenty-seven high school seniors graduated from Fairborn Digital Academy on June 18 at the American Legion Hall in Fairborn. Add to these the seventeen who graduated in January, and the school has 44 grads celebrating successful earning of that all-important diploma.

Fairborn Digital Academy is a state-sponsored charter school for grades 9-12 located on Black Lane in Fairborn. This once-country lane runs through Rona Hills. The school, set in a peaceful wooded area, was built in 1966 as Black Lane Elementary School. The floors are polished to a high gleam; the gym and stage are remnants of low-tech times. But FDA is anything but low-tech. The online+classroom school is getting accolades from parents and students alike for its innovative take on what some students need to succeed. These tools include first-rate iMacs with all the latest technology, a smaller, more focused setting, individualized instruction plans for all students, and tutoring on an as-needed basis. High School students attend from a 50-mile radius, with busing and lunches offered to Fairborn students through a contract with Fairborn High School.

“Depending on the program that is right for the student, we offer the flexibility that many of our families need to get through high school,” explained Erik Tritsch, Principal of FDA. “A traditional high school setting is not optimum for every student. We make an effort to be aware of individual differences that may make learning and succeeding a challenge, and we address those issues for each student.”

“FDA is a top-rated charter school in the state due to our ability to help turn students around. We see the school as an opportunity for struggling – or excelling – students to be successful based on their timetables. And we’re proud to say our math scores exceed that of other local traditional high schools in the area. Our students are excelling in certain OGT scores. We see success because of the efforts of the students and their coaches.”

To find out whether Fairborn Digital Academy is right for your student, contact the office at 937-879-0511. More information is available online at and on Facebook.