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June 2014 Graduation

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June 17, 2014

For more information contact: 937-879-0511

Erik Tritsch, Principal

Fairborn Digital Academy

700 Black Lane

Fairborn, OH 45324

35 Seniors Graduate from Fairborn Digital Academy




On Thursday evening, June 12th, in the largest graduation ceremony since its 2002 inception, Fairborn Digital Academy staff, students, and friends celebrated the graduation of 35 seniors at the American Legion Hall in Fairborn.  That makes a total of 51 graduates for the current school year (16 in January) who have satisfied all of the State of Ohio requirements for a high school diploma.  Students graduating are:

Tommy Bartley

Kathryn Bilbrey

Ciera Christian

Brandon Daniels

Brian Dunigan

Trenton Edwards

Kayla Gaunt

Mackenzie Gevedon

Seirra Gue

Brian Hafer

Emmaly Henderson

Zachary Henderson

Justin Jenkins

Trevon Johnson

Samantha Kenyon

Parys Koogler

Zackariah Mayton

Sarah Noble

John Nye, Jr.

Kadumu Penny

Cassandra Perry

Joshua Powell

Sabrina Pyatt

Codey Rice

Helen Schuyler

Alexis Spehar-Gill

Jevin Strank

Thornton Strolia-Davis

Allison Trimble

Tyler Vance

Natalie Vogelsong

Derek Walls

Jalen Wharton

Charles White

Renee Williams

This year’s valedictorian, Tabatha Mayton, graduated in the January ceremony. Her brother, Zackariah Mayton, was the salutatorian.

Fairborn Digital Academy, a public community school, was founded in 2002 by Robert Grimshaw to provide an alternative to traditional high school for students in grades 9 – 12. Students may enroll from within a 50-mile radius. The “online-plus-class time” school setting is ideal for students who, for various reasons, thrive in a smaller, more focused environment. FDA has an innovative take on what some students need to succeed; all the latest technology, a smaller, more focused setting, individualized instruction plans for all students, and tutoring on an as-needed basis.

“Depending on the program that is right for the student, we offer the flexibility that many of our students and their families need to get through high school,” explained Erik Tritsch, Principal of FDA. “A traditional high school setting is not optimum for every student. We make an effort to be aware of individual differences that may make learning and succeeding a challenge, and we address those issues for each student.”

“FDA is a top-rated charter school in the state due to our ability to help students overcome obstacles. We see the school as an opportunity for struggling – or excelling – students to be successful based on their timetables. We’re pleased to say our students’ math scores exceed those in some local traditional high schools. Our students are excelling in certain environments that we can provide. It’s all due to the efforts of our students and their coaches,” said Tritsch.

To find out whether Fairborn Digital Academy is right for your student, contact the office at 937-879-0511, or further explore this web site.

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