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9 Key Reasons to Finish Your Diploma

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high school graduates with her diploma through credit recovery

The world is ever-changing, and 2020 is presenting new challenges. In the path of uncertainty that life presents, it is crucial to give yourself the best chance of success, and while each individual contains different talents, goals, and desires, a solid education and high school diploma can open the door to many opportunities.

Let’s discuss the reasons why a diploma will help you create a strong foundation for a fulfilling future.

Diplomas Make a Difference

Graduate with your peers.

High school is truly a bonding experience. Nothing is more exciting than celebrating graduation with your friends who stood by your side during the struggles and successes. It’s not only your peers, but also your teachers, coaches, parents, and family who will be celebrating you reach your goal!

Learn more about yourself.

Classes and extracurriculars are not only designed to give you a well-rounded education but also to help you learn more about yourself. When you make a decision about your next steps, you can apply your skills to your career path.

Develop hard and soft skills.

The high school experience offers valuable tools for learning, both in and outside of the classroom. This includes team and individual school-sponsored sports, extracurricular clubs, and activities that potential colleges and employers will see as valuable.  You will learn to appreciate the ample opportunities for building leadership, networking, and time management skills. Additionally, high school classes offer advanced educational possibilities such as A.P. or honors classes, and online high schools can provide dual-credit classes for those looking to be college-bound.

Pave the way to higher education, from a trade school to university.

Attaining your high school diploma is a necessary prerequisite to apply for college admission and oftentimes, trade school admission, and you’ll also need a high school diploma to be eligible for federal financial aid and scholarships. A college education will help you pursue a career that requires an advanced degree.

high schoolers earn diploma to go to college

Benefit from a wide range of job opportunities.

This is a notable advantage of graduating from high school. A Georgetown University study found that by 2020, 36% of jobs will require a high school diploma, and 65% will require training beyond high school.

Experience a lower chance of unemployment.

The importance of high school graduation shows in the unemployment rates of high school graduates compared to drop-outs. In 2017, the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicated that 7.75% is the unemployment rate for people without a high school diploma. The rate for high school graduates was 5.3 percent.

Likely earn more money.

One of the benefits of a high school diploma is a higher earning potential. In 2017, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that high school graduates earned an average of $192 more per week.

Serve your country.

If you’ve always dreamed of being a part of the armed services, a high school diploma is a plus. Some branches of the military will accept a GED, but 90 percent of people in the military have a high school degree. Tier 1 recruits must have a high school degree, and Tier 2 can have a GED. 

Stick to a better path.

According to the Stanford Graduate School of Education, “Dropouts are 3.5 times more likely to be arrested than high school graduates. Nationally, 68 percent of all males in prison do not have a high school diploma. Only 20 of California inmates demonstrate a basic level of literacy, and the average offender reads at an eighth-grade level.”

Finish Your Diploma

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