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Can I Graduate High School While Pregnant? The Answer is Yes.

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You thought it wouldn’t be you. But here you–and your growing baby–are. No matter where you are in your high school career, from a sophomore to a senior, it is 100% possible to finish your classes and succeed. This modern world holds countless new resources for pregnant teens: online classes, support groups, pregnancy apps, and encouraging non-profits with resources. 

So you know you want to finish high school and earn your diploma. Now, what should you keep in mind when venturing into this great unknown? 

teenager pregnant in high school

Create a Pregnancy Support Team

Those who have graduated while pregnant in high school often credit their success to their strong support system. Remember, there is nothing wrong with asking for help.

You need people to lift you on a difficult day, offer help like tutoring or babysitting, and cheering you on when a diploma seems far out of reach. Keep an eye out for those you can add to your support team:

  1. Family and friends. Identify who will provide you with positive and helpful support during this time. Look for encouragement and accept help from those closest to you!
  2. Adults at school. Look for guidance from school counselors or a supportive teacher. Most adults want to help you succeed and will guide you to helpful resources.
  3. Your public health department and local pregnancy centers. As community resources, these organizations can provide most necessities like medical support, baby food, diapers, and more. 

Make a Plan You Can Stick To

Success does not happen overnight. Success occurs through planning and actionable goals. It is a step-by-step process that helps you stay on track. 

Plan those first steps. An expecting mother’s plan can look very different from person to person. Here are some examples of steps for your action plan:

  1. I will talk to my counselor about my school’s options for pregnant students.
  2. I will join a support group with other teen mothers;
  3. I will research and contact my local pregnancy center for resources.
  4. I will make my first appointment with a doctor. 

Try keeping a simple journal or planner to keep you checking off those steps. If you’re not the type to write out your checklists, check out helpful pregnancy apps for your phone.

taking online classes while pregnant in high school

Consider Alternatives

The traditional high school experience is not the only option. Non-traditional high schools offer flexibility, customization, and experienced, personal guidance. 

Graduate? Yes, You Can!

Writer Robin Sharma stated, “Obstacles are the cost of greatness.” Graduating high school while pregnant or while raising your bundle of joy may be one of the biggest obstacles of your life, but one of the most rewarding. 

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