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4 Ideas for Staying Thankful at Thanksgiving During COVID-19

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With all the stress that has come with this year, you wonder how you will handle celebrating Thanksgiving during COVID. As large gatherings are inadvisable, it is critical to figure out how to make the day special without having many family or friends present.

While the difficulties may prove a bit disheartening, it is vital to keep your spirits, and your kids’s spirits, raised. Here are a few suggestions that can help make Thanksgiving special this year!

Go All Out On Thanksgiving Dinner

Due to monetary and time constraints, you might need to put extra effort into your holiday meal this year. 

woman cutting a turkey at thansgiving
Make the turkey as a family.

Making a special meal is a prime opportunity to involve your kids. Ask them if there is anything that they would like to make for Thanksgiving dinner. Cooking is a valuable skill to learn. Children are often more enthusiastic when doing something that interests them, like baking a cake in the shape of their favorite character!

Inspire with Arts and Crafts.

You can inspire your child in ways other than cooking. It is a good idea to prepare some crafts to keep them engaged. One idea you could use is creating hand turkeys. These simple crafts can be done with a sheet of paper and some colored pencils. 

Crafts like this one allow your child to create art from given instructions while still encouraging them to put personal touches on it.

Hold Virtual Thanksgiving Parties

Large family gatherings are not advisable due to the current state of the world. a\One way you can help your child connect with their relatives is to organize a virtual call. This will give them an opportunity for much needed bonding time with family members.

You can either set up a group call, where you would have all the relatives in at once, or call them one by one. If you think that your family might be prone to getting a bit loud or talking over each other, it might be best to stick to the one on one calls to keep things orderly. 

Keep Your Spirits Up

While it may be challenging to keep from being discouraged, times will get better. Children can be very perceptive, so any negative feelings on your part could be picked up by your child, causing them to become distressed.

person cutting a pumpkin pie at thanksgiving
There’s nothing like pumpkin pie.

If they are already feeling down from any of the other myriad changes this past year has brought, help remind them that the holidays can still be celebrated thoroughly. Encouraging them to focus on normal activities, like raking and jumping in the leaves or watching “Charlie & The Great Pumpkin,” will help them cope with a year that is anything but normal.

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