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Why It’s Beneficial To Have A Low Teacher-Student Ratio

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In many public schools, class sizes are increasing. A low teacher-student ratio is not common, especially in public schools. Budgets are tight, and teachers are feeling pressure to serve a large and diverse number of students. Large classes make it easier for students to fall through the cracks and not get the individualized attention they need to succeed academically.

low student-teacher ratio at fairborn digital academy

At Fairborn Digital Academy (FDA), we prioritize partnering our teachers, known as Accountability Coaches, with the right student. Let’s learn more about the benefits of low student-to-teacher ratios and why it is one of our core values.

The Benefits of a Low Teacher-Student Ratio

Enhanced Learning

Small class sizes give students the ability to work diligently at their own pace while giving them the opportunity to dive deeper into topics that interest them. 

Accountability coaches help students efficiently make it through complex subjects with one-on-one coaching. By allowing a greater focus on their favorite topics, students are more excited to learn rather than being distracted by the stress of difficult topics. 

Tailored Education

In a class of thirty students, teachers have to teach to the median level of the class. Anyone below that level may struggle with the pace of the curriculum. In contrast, those that learn at a quicker pace might become frustrated from a lack of mental stimulation.

Educators can tailor lessons to each student at their level, interests, and overarching goals in classrooms with low student-to-teacher ratios. 

One-On-One Attention

Students receive individualized attention when teachers focus less on correcting behavior and more on their student’s strengths and weaknesses. With individualized teaching and coaching, students feel listened to and supported on their educational journey. 

According to a study, lower student-teacher ratios ultimately create a positive ripple effect:

  • Better test scores
  • Fewer dropout students
  • Higher graduation rates

Personalized Feedback

With a low ratio, our Accountability Coaches have more time to individualize their feedback, both for the student and their parents or guardians. This attention ensures that each student understands the material and can make pathway adjustments. Students can quickly get the guidance they need to fully realize their potential as a student.

Inviting Class Culture

In a small class, students develop close relationships with their peers. Rather than forming potentially harmful cliques, students support each other in their learning. By working with a close-knit group working towards their common goal of earning a diploma, students learn to collaborate and communicate at a higher level.

With fewer students per class, individuals also become more confident when it comes to sharing their ideas, perspectives, and feedback. Gaining skills in peer-to-peer communication grant them skills much-needed in their professional careers later on.

Your Virtual Learning Program

We tailor your high school experience to match your end goal. As a dynamic tuition-free public school, we offer more than just another way to attend classes. We aim to provide the one-on-one attention many students need to excel.

Whether you want to earn college credit or get your diploma on a flexible schedule, Fairborn Digital Academy is here to help you achieve your goals. 

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