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5 Online Math Resources for Students

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Math is not everyone’s favorite subject (we apologize to any math teachers out there!). Finding ways to make math easier to understand, fun, and applicable to the real world provide a measurable difference in a students’ engagement with the subject!

We’ve gathered a few of our favorite websites as teachers to help students learn math in new and engaging ways. Each of these websites encourages practice with everything from sorting and counting to tessellations and fractions.

With a variety of games and practice activities to choose from, students can easily learn essential math concepts in a way that makes sense. Check out these five online math resources for students!

Desmos – For Students & Teachers

online math resources for students

Desmos offers free virtual 4-function, graphing and scientific calculators – cheaper than buying these in-person. The website also carries a wide variety of interactive lessons that are incredibly game-like. This is a valuable resource for teachers, allowing them to generate an online classroom and conduct planned assignments. From this digital classroom, teachers can monitor their students’ progress through every single lesson.

Additionally, this platform offers a good deal of teacher professional development, user support videos, webinars, and other tools.

Cymath – For Students

Cymath delivers the best problem-solver platform on the internet and it’s free to use!

Cymath is available on the desktop and via an app for smartphones. You can easily type in a math problem and it will outline the entire solving process step-by-step. Don’t worry about cheating – it requires students to show their work. Cymath’s system covers basic math, algebra, trigonometry, pre-algebra, calculus, graphing, and a variety of other topics.

This resource features an easy-to-use search bar and a calculator keyboard for equation-building and identifying various basic direct commands. In addition, there is a practice section and a glossary of mathematical rules for reference.

Math Game Time – For Students

This free website full of games targets students in pre-k through 7th grade. It offers fun, educational games like Integer War, Jet Ski Addition, and Ratio Martian.

Learn Zillion – For Students, Teachers, & Parents

Consistent with Common Core Standards for grades 3rd-9th, this free website offers activities to assist with lessons.

calculator online math resources

This website has less of a focus on games and a significant focus on resources. It provides a more comprehensive approach to virtual math education for students, parents, and teachers. While the use of all resources requires a subscription, be sure to take time to explore the various free resources that are available.

Hooda Math – For Students

Hooda Math offers countless free educational games surrounding math fact practice, logic, reasoning, and more. Games often ask students to solve various problems and to complete various tasks and activities.

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