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Every year, more than 1.2 million students drop out of high school in the United States. Thirteen percent of Ohio high school students won’t graduate within four years. In recent years, our enrollment has skyrocketed. The Fairborn Digital Academy student population includes students for whom traditional systems are not working. This year alone, our average daily enrollment has climbed to 249 students. We are on track to average 306 students for the year.

  • 19% have special needs
  • 4% are homeless teenagers
  • 3% are teenage parents

These students want to graduate. Fairborn Digital Academy provides a safe, secure and supportive environment for students who want to succeed.

We believe we are successful because of the structure of our program.

  • 8 Accountability Coaches
  • 30:1 Teacher-to-student Ratio

Our accountability coaches are more than teachers. We exist to teach, motivate, support, hug, prepare and provide tough love. We laugh with our students, cry with them, hold their hands and play with their children. We inspire them through art, gardening and tough conversations.

Our program is self-paced, so students can work at low-pressure speeds that are comfortable to them.

We supplement academic lessons with life skills, gardening, parenting and motivational programming to help students relieve stress and prepare for real-world challenges. We work to re-establish trust with students who feel lost in traditional systems and motivate them to finish high school. We believe the soul of our program is in listening to students and providing them with a safe and supportive space.

Fairborn Digital Academy is a modern solution to academic success. Together, we can prove to future generations that through the power of community, we can succeed as one.

Why Fairborn?

At Fairborn, we highly value are Students, Loyalty, Pride, Integrity, Teamwork, Respect, Passion, and Growth. These values guide our mission to provide a safe, nurturing environment that values individual differences and is in relentless pursuit of personal and academic excellence of all students.

Whatever path we help our students pursue, we are driven by the principles above to ensure they are receiving the highest level of support and education possible. We are a tuition-free online public school, however we offer in-person one-on-one guidance for those that need it.

Fairborn is proud to maintain a brick-and-mortar welcoming, collaborative environment for our students at our facility.Our facility gives students the opportunity to develop friendships, participate in educational opportunities, and have a dedicated learning space.

State Report Card Data

Fairborn Digital Academy continues to earn high marks for a program that is proven to engage students.

School Rating

Meets Standards



Attendance Rate





2 Per Classroom

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Fairborn is designed to serve every type of student from the career-minded high schooler to those determined to earn their GED. Discover our students’ stories here.

I transferred from a public school with so many kids to a little school with barely any kids and I can do my school work online. Such a better fit for me at the time…Facebook

Katy P.

Great school and my experience with them was great! The teachers genuinely cared about the students and I couldn’t have asked for more! Google

Thomas L.

This school has saved me from being a high school drop out. If it weren’t for FDA & the opportunity they’ve given me to do my work at home, I never would’ve been able to pass my freshman year; let alone get to where I am now.. which is a Senior with 14 credits, meaning I only have 6 credits left to earn in order to graduate & I’m going to try to finish by January!Facebook

Stacy J.
teacher and student


Interested in sharing your talents with the next generation of students at Fairborn Digital Academy? Small class sizes and 2 teachers for every class make a difference for the students and the staff. Our approach means more one-on-one time with the students and create a better environment for the students growth.

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Compliance Documentation

Fairborn Digital Academy believes in transparency and compliance. Our governance documents and state filings show the statistics behind our progress and success.

FDA Policy Manual

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2017-2018 5 Year Forecast

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2016-2016 5 Year Forecast

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Community School Contract

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Board of Directors

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Fairborn Digital Academy
700 Black Lane
Fairborn, OH 45324

Office Hours

Monday – Friday
8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.






Executive Director
Erik Tritsch

Search for Students
with Disabilities/Child Find


Fairborn Digital Academy is participating in an effort to identify, locate and evaluate all children from birth through 21 years of age who may have disabilities. Disability, in this instance, means such conditions as hearing impairments, visual impairments, speech or language impairments, specific learning disabilities, emotional disturbance, multiple disabilities, mental retardation, other health impairments, physical impairments, autism and traumatic brain injury.

Public schools have responded vigorously to federal and state mandates requiring the provision of a free appropriate public education regardless of a child’s disability. However, before school districts can serve children, they must be identified. Many unidentified children with disabilities are preschoolers, and parents may not be aware their child has a disability, or that there are programs and services available. Fairborn Digital Academy will continue to seek the assistance of parents and guardians of children with suspected disabilities who are presently unserved. Academy personnel will request information about the child, asking such questions as: What is the problem?  What has already been done about the problem? What background information is available? Information may be collected in several ways including interviews, observations, screenings and testing. Also, data may be obtained from parents and the student or from other agencies that have information about the child. If the child is determined to have a disability, then an Individualized Educational Program is developed to meet the child’s needs.

Fairborn Digital Academy is committed to educating all children with disabilities. If you have, or know of, a child who may have a disability, please contact Fairborn Digital Academy at 937.879.0511 for more information and assistance. All information collected will be held in strict confidence and released to others only with parent permission or as allowed by law.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Erik Tritsch
Executive Director
Fairborn Digital Academy
700 Black Lane
Fairborn, OH 45324


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 18 Seniors Graduate from Fairborn Digital Academy

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