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Summer Food Service Program

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June 3 thru July 26, 2019 (excludes July 4)

Baker Middle School 200 Lincoln Dr. (under the big tree) 11:00-11:15 am

Sam Landmark Apartment 264 Landmark Ct. (near community room in the back) 11:30-12:00 pm

Wright Park 482 Funderburg Rd. (under the shelter) 12:15-12:30 pm

Garland Apartments 332 W. Garland Ave. (parking area) 12:45-1:00 pm

Central Park, 222 S. Central Ave. (near parking lot; facing splash pad) 1:15-1:30 pm

Fairborn Library 1 E. Main St. (downstairs) TUES/THURS ONLY 12:00-12:30 pm

Every child age 18 and under come join us for lunch.
For updates and information, contact

Things to Remember for Site Staff

  • Temp appropriate items throughout service & record
  • Remind families time of meals (display schedule), rules (age & eat on site:—take whole fruit off-site), where you will serve in bad weather
  • Any “official” visitors-ask to see ID & record on meal count
  • Meal Counts-tick off as you serve-Point of service; different color for each site?
  • Seconds, only at last site
  • Serve only during approved meal times-if we need to revise, we will
  • Meal Pattern- two ounces of protein, one grain, one cup milk, two fruits OR two veggies OR one fruit & one veggie
  • Carry reserve PBJ’s, juice boxes, craisins-just in case OR Chips & Cheese
  • Put all cold items in bag, if possible
  • Encourage use of hand sanitizer
  • Share bowl-(use ice pillows) may need to explain its use
  • Have poster visible
  • Have menu visible (today & next day, at least)
  • Trash at Landmark, Garland & Central
Please follow and like us: