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Master Gardener Class Cooking up a Storm

Fairborn Digital Academy’s Master Gardener class has been cooking up delicious lunchtime meals every Wednesday. While the class was patiently waiting for the weather to break, students planned, prepped, and cook a variety of recipes for the school to enjoy.

Each week a different student is responsible for finding a recipe, creating a shopping list, and leading the rest of the class in cooking the meal. This program gives the students a unique opportunity to learn valuable life skills like budgeting, cooking, cleaning, and pride in sharing something they’ve created. Every recipe uses ingredients to be grown in the garden outside. Ms. Shari explains to them how much cheaper a meal could be with the right gardening skills to supplement what needs purchasing at the store.

Students have made lasagna, zucchini bread, stuffed jalapeno poppers, fresh salads, potato casserole, and cabbage rolls are just a few of the fantastic recipes.