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Hustle University visits FDA

Hustle University spent a couple of days with students at Fairborn Digital Academy, talking about how people can create their opportunities by applying the “Hustler’s Mindset.”

Hustle U is a self-help organization that focuses on three core areas: Entrepreneurship, Education, and Personal Development and how to apply these principles to everyday life. They teach that personal responsibility and accountability are the biggest reasons for success. An empowered mindset helps people; in this case, students “help themselves.”

Their philosophy about life gives them a unique approach to teaching that allows them to encourage students to problem-solve and thrive in the face of any adversity effectively. Hustle U’s personal development approach will help students navigate challenges and lead to sustained success in both their professional and personal lives.

The organization worked with the FDA right before testing began, helping students to get in the right mindset before tackling essential and challenging tests. Hustle University are regular visitors to campus and will soon be back to continue to help students grow.