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The Difference Between Homeschooling and Schooling at Home

2020 marked a pivotal year in education, a complete shift from in-person classes to virtual homeschooling and schooling at home. What is the difference between homeschooling and schooling at home? It may seem like there is little difference between the two phrases, but quite the contrary.

For many years, families have been homeschooling as an alternative to traditional in-person schools like public, private, and charter schools. Many note that homeschooling existed as long as civilization itself. However, homeschooling as we know it today was a movement that started in the 1970s. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, More households have some form of online education under their belts. Let’s examine the differences between what homeschooled children experience versus other distance learning options.

What is Homeschooling?

Parents can choose to take a more active role in their child’s education by homeschooling them. This choice can be due to many reasons: a remote location, negative experiences at school such as bullying, or a higher dedication to a sport or academic path.

When the homeschooling movement began, few materials were available to provide their children with the tools necessary for homeschooling. Parents had to rely on workbooks, notebooks, and any available textbooks.

Nowadays, many families have the options for tutoring centers, online classes, and homeschooling pods. Additionally, some local schools offer higher education classes that homeschoolers can take, like honors or AP courses.

homeschooling during the pandemic

The primary idea of homeschooling is for the parent to take on the role of the teacher. This task can be a difficult transition without experience as a teacher. Fortunately, there are many resources available to those willing to dive into homeschooling.

How is Online School Different?

The essential difference between homeschooling and schooling at home is the role of the teacher. When circumstances forced many districts to conduct school online, teachers dove in to learn how to navigate various learning management systems. Many online charter schools are already familiar with these platforms and use them to assign and track student work and progress. When schools became one-hundred percent virtual, Fairborn Digital Academy was prepared with its long-existing model of online resources like virtual classrooms, textbooks, and office/tutoring hours.

Similar to homeschooling, online school revolves around a student’s individualized learning journey. A flexible schedule allows students to work whenever and wherever they learn best. This adaptability allows them time to pursue other passions and develop a more independent outlook by taking ownership of their education.

To take it a few steps further, accredited online schools, like Fairborn Digital Academy, support this learning journey with a unique high school curriculum and guided support. FDA delivers an exceptional education for a range of intellectual and academic goals. Non-traditional classes like gardening, and access to remarkable programs like the Dual Credit Program, are available.

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Fairborn Digital Academy is also staffed with impeccable Guidance Counselors and Accountability Coaches, providing students with close support throughout their learning journey to achieve their personal and professional goals. These amenities may not be available through a homeschool program unless you collaborate with a wide variety of local organizations.

Experience the Difference

With families rethinking what the concept of education means, Fairborn Digital Academy, with its reputation, flexibility, and rigor, is committed to providing families and organizations with a new educational approach. FDA ensures that students will benefit immediately from personalized programs, one-on-one guidance, and flexible schedules for all situations.