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How to Make a Career Out of Your Interests

As the saying goes, “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” While it sounds like a dream, it is a reality for those who take the right steps. Every decision can impact your pathway towards a career you love. Your interests, hobbies, and daily activities can all serve to build the foundation for a fulfilling job in the future.

Think about your favorite activities. Now think about taking those skills you’ve unknowingly, perhaps accidentally, gained from them. Those skills could lend themselves to a fruitful career. A gamer can become a software engineer. An outdoors enthusiast could become a park ranger. An avid soccer player could become an athletic trainer.

How do you begin to turn your interest into a career? Let’s explore three key ways:

Research Career Pathways

We don’t suggest diving headfirst into the job hunt only knowing your primary interests. It is always beneficial to do your research and understand what types of jobs are available. For example, a field like communications has a multitude of career paths under its umbrella: marketing, journalism, public relations, freelance writing, and social media management.

teenager doing photography as a hobby

An educational way to begin your career quest is by taking a quiz: Built by Arizona State University, Me3 is an interactive and visual career quiz that helps you craft a pathway to a future career based on your interests. The Princeton Review also designed a career aptitude test for those looking to get another opinion.

Plan Courses Strategically

It’s no secret that the major you choose in college will prepare you for your future career, but who says you have to wait until freshman year to begin exploring classes? While you’re still in high school, taking college courses is an excellent way to get a head start on college and your future career.

Fairborn Digital Academy provides multiple pathways for students with a variety of goals. For example, a student looking to recoup lost credits may participate in the FAST Program. Students looking to earn college credit early may enroll in the Dual Credit Program.

kid becoming a video game designer

Become Curious About Your Interests

When you want to get better at your job, you spend time researching, learning, and practicing. You can use the same mindset to turn your interest into a career! From podcasts and blogs to books and videos, many resources exist at your disposal that can help you dive deeper into your future field right now! Even devoting just 30 minutes a day to educating yourself will make a huge difference and put you ahead of the competition.

Let’s Start Prepping

Ready to start planning ahead for your career? Get in touch with an advisor at Fairborn Digital Academy to discuss the right educational path for you.