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4 Debunked Myths About Online High School

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Schools were required to go digital in the past year, and many have found the abrupt transition stressful and unpleasant. It doesn’t need to be that way, so we are here to debunk a few online school myths for you.

Fairborn Digital Academy (FDA) has over fifteen years of experience making online, flexible learning pathways for students with different goals, backgrounds, and needs. Our faculty and staff work creatively to make the curriculum engaging and beneficial.

Your student’s education should impact their life and actively work to push them further towards their ideal future. We want to debunk a few myths surrounding online schools to help keep you and your family better informed.

online school myths for high schoolers

#1: Learning Online is Boring

False. Nobody wants to sit in front of a computer all day reading large chunks of texts or watching a 30-minute video lecture. Just like you would expect in a brick-and-mortar classroom, online learning should include different learning formats and opportunities to connect with peers.

At FDA, our students learn using a curriculum designed for the online experience. Each course is rigorous, research-based, and contains captivating multimedia elements to help your student build critical knowledge and skills and become college- and career-ready. Discussion boards, videos, graphics, and interactive features are standard in our online classrooms.

Additionally, we offer the opportunity for students to connect with a diverse and supportive community. Students can join specialty classes like Gardening and Entrepreneurship to cultivate new relationships and new skills.

#2: Online Teachers Don’t Care As Much As In-Person Teachers

Teachers are integral to a student’s success, and that means caring about each and individual student. Every teenager wants to know that their teacher cares – even if it may not seem like it. While your student may not be meeting teachers in-person daily, their commitment to student learning, success, and goals does not waver.

FDA teachers, aptly named Accountability Coaches, dedicate an incredible amount of time to ensuring each and every student successfully reaches their goals. They are carefully monitoring individual progress and looking at your student’s work according to their personalized learning program.

online high school student at the library

#3: Colleges Don’t Accept Credits from Online School

Just because your student is learning online doesn’t mean the work they do is any less valid. As an accredited school, Fairborn Digital Academy is ready to support you and your children in any way, whether they are directly career-, college-, or adventure-bound.

FDA is fully accredited, so all of your student’s credits will transfer fully. Find more information about FDA’s programs and policies.

#4: Enrolling is a Long and Difficult Process

Becoming a Fairborn Digital Academy student is easy. You can enroll for free by contacting us today to get started

Now that these myths are debunked, what is holding you back?

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